Tax Litigation

Finocchio & Ustra Tax Litigation area is prominent for its comprehensive servicing of our clients’ needs, working with professionals of solid academic background and broad expertise in companies’ assistance.

Our team is familiar with taxes in practice and capable not only of conducting the administrative and judicial proceedings, but also to assist our clients even before they constitute the tax credit, i.e., in the inspection procedures, thus avoiding the generation of liabilities or increasing the chances of success.

We understand that being familiar with our clients’ business and carrying out strategic conduction of their actual or potential litigations is of essence to accomplish effective results in the litigation sphere.

Among the main works developed in the litigation area, the following can be highlighted:

  • Assistance in celebration of division into installments, also with special divisions;
  • Assistance and monitoring in the obtaining of tax good standing certificates;
  • Assistance in the tax inspection procedures, safeguarding, from the first contact with the Tax Authority, the company’s right in order to legally avoid the constitution of tax credit;
  • Conduct of administrative proceedings, in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres;
  • Conduct of lawsuits, in the Federal, State and Municipal spheres
    Filing of judicial and/or administrative measures for the avoidance of unlawful and/or unconstitutional taxes;
  • Assistance in obtaining special tax regimes with the federal, state and/or municipal tax administrations;
  • Assistance and restructuring of tax liabilities in order to adjust the actual debt to the company’s cash flow.