The labor team of Finocchio & Ustra law firm consolidated as a benchmark in legal advisory assistance and strategic conducting of judicial and administrative proceedings, including accidental regressive claims, and it also has strong participation in collective bargaining and legal audits.

The labor area advises domestic and foreign companies in all aspects involving Human Resources and Personnel Department, with emphasis on the analysis of HR routines, Payroll and Occupational Medicine and Safety; correction of vulnerable procedures and guidance of safe methods that minimize the risk of contingencies in the labor sector. It also works in shareholding operations for the assessment of possible labor liabilities.

The team has a strong strategic role in the reduction of liabilities (hidden and consolidated), compliance in the labor scope, and Management of Personnel on Leave, among other advisories as detailed below.

Among the main areas of activity, the following are highlighted:

Judicial and Administrative litigation, including labor claims (individual/collective), accidental regressive claims, investigative procedures in the Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office
Strategic litigation, analysis and calculation of accounting provision, with emphasis on liability reduction programs
Payroll Review
Social Security (Costs/Benefits)
Occupational Safety and Medicine
Management of Personnel on Leave
Trade Union Advisory, participation in collective bargaining and drafting/revision of collective agreements.
Corporate Governance, management of subcontractors and labor compliance
HR/HSE/DP routines/procedures management
Assistance in the hiring of foreigners and migration issues
Expert opinions, consultations and legal opinions on labor and social security issues;
In-company lectures
Legal Audits and Labor Mappings