Civil Litigation

The Civil Litigation area of the Finocchio & Ustra law firm provides advice and represents its clients in the negotiation and pre-litigation phase, in lawsuits and civil arbitration proceedings, presenting the best possible legal solutions for each case, through highly technical, effective, viable and tailored service and performance.

Preventively, it provides legal guidance based on the latest understanding of the Courts, aimed at preventing or minimizing the impact of disputes.

In civil litigation, lawsuits and arbitration proceedings are conducted in a strategic manner, acting before the Judiciary Branch and Arbitration Courts.


The performance of the Civil Litigation area is highlighted in:

  • Civil liability;
  • Validity of legal transactions and effects – Obligations and contracts;
    Credit recovery;
  • Property Law: Possession and ownership;
  • Real estate law;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Commercial agency.