Restructuring and Insolvency

The Finocchio & Ustra law firm has an operational area specializing in Judicial and Court Assisted and Extrajudicial Restructuring that has consolidated as a reference in working with companies undergoing economic and financial crisis in cases of national relevance.

It assists clients in corporate restructuring processes and renegotiation of large liabilities through the planning, preparation and conduction of court assisted and extrajudicial reorganization processes, as well as through disputes resolution (judicial litigation) of financial origin.

The work of the Court Assisted Reorganization area is highlighted in:

  • Filing, management and follow-up of court assisted and extrajudicial reorganization processes of medium and large companies;
  • Revision of court assisted reorganization plan under the aspect of its lawfulness and adequacy towards the understanding of the Judiciary Branch;
  • Assistance to investors interested in the acquisition of operations of companies in crisis and distressed assets;
  • Negotiations with debtors and creditors;
  • Revision of contracts for companies undergoing financial crisis and negotiation of liabilities.