The Regulatory area of ​​Finocchio & Ustra is a reference in the face of the diversity and complexity of the topics addressed concerning the specificities affecting the Regulatory sector.

In the advisory sphere, the area develops important work for monitoring and supporting the entire Regulatory process, obtaining licenses from federal, state, and municipal bodies, as well as strategically analyzing the legal compliance of corporations’ operations.

In the litigation area, our team defines and structures thesis in judicial proceedings and notices, acts in civil investigations and public interest civil actions, indemnification actions, negotiation of consent decrees (Conduct Adjustment Terms – TAC), and urgent and provisional measures. We also file claims for nullity of Notices of Violation as well as tax-collection defenses.


Among the main areas of activity, the following stand out:

  • Preparation of legal opinions;
  • Obtaining and regularizing the various licenses required by the Government, such as ANVISA, ANP, MAPA, ANATEL, ANEEL, IPEM/INMETRO, ANVISA, MAPA, IBAMA, etc.;
  • Defense in administrative proceedings and notices of violation by the most diverse bodies of the Direct and Indirect Public Administration;
  • Assists, guides, and represents our clients in civil investigation and public interest civil actions by the Public Ministry;
  • Carries out indemnification actions, negotiation of consent decrees (Conduct Adjustment Terms – TAC), urgent and provisional measures;
  • Legal advice on matters related to regulatory agencies and various public bodies to allow regulatory compliance and development of strategies to adapt business projects to administrative, regulatory, and environmental standards;
  • Preparation of defenses and administrative appeals for notices by Public Authorities;
  • Representation before Courts of Accounts, administrative improbity actions, and citizen suits;
  • Prepares and defines thesis for filing Civil Representation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the TCU – Federal Court of Accounts.