Real Estate

Finocchio & Ustra’s Real Estate area advises companies on the structuring and implementation of urban and rural real estate operations. We work from the initial stages of the operation performing due diligence, regularizing properties, and assisting in the negotiation and structuring of agreements dealing with the exploitation of real estate, until the conclusion. In addition, we give support in legal procedures, such as interlocution with Notaries and Real Estate Registry Offices. Our team also assists in monitoring the execution of real estate contracts, including all support for hypotheses involving non-compliance with contractual obligations.


Among the main areas of activity, the following stand out:

  • Real estate purchase agreements;
  • Real estate partnerships;
  • Modeling and structuring of residential, industrial, and commercial real estate projects;
  • Exchange, guarantee, construction, and financing;
  • Joint ventures and partnerships for real estate purposes;
  • Contract and construction management;
  • Urban leasing, shopping mall, Built to Suit and Rural Lease;
  • Legal audits of real estate;
  • Legal opinion in real estate matters;
  • Assessment of the Feasibility of Acquisition of Real Estate.