Real Estate

The real estate team acts in the evaluation of the risks involved in the real estate business concerning the analysis of eventual environmental liabilities and compliance with the requirements established by the New Forestry Code, as well as in the preparation of the most diverse agreements for the purchase, sale, promise of purchase and sale, exchange, constitution of guarantee, construction, and financing, joint ventures, work by contract, rental, built-to-suit, and lease, as well as modeling the legal structure of residential, industrial and commercial real estate developments. In addition, the Law Firm carries out legal audits of real estate assets and determining the feasibility for the acquisition of real estate.

Performance of the real estate area is highlighted in:

  • Purchase, Sale, Promise of Purchase and Sale Agreements;
  • Real Estate Partnerships, Modeling of the Legal Structure of Residential, Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Developments;
  • Exchange, constitution of guarantee, construction and financing;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Work by contract;
  • Rental, Built To Suit and Lease;
  • Legal Audits of Real Estate Assets;
  • Determination of Feasibility for the Acquisition of Real Estate.