Family and Succession Planning

The Family and Succession Planning area of the Finocchio & Ustra law firm provides assistance to its clients in drafting public deeds, out-of-court settlements and consensual actions.

It provides guidance on the property regime, preparing prenuptial agreements and common-law marriage deeds, as well as on property division in divorces, common-law marriage dissolutions, and inventories.

Succession planning is customized to meet the expectations and specific needs of each client, with the preparation of wills and corporate structuring, in conjunction with the corporate area.

Agility, combined with ethics, professionalism and transparency, with a multidisciplinary approach required by the area, are trademarks of the Family Law team, which professionals seek the best interest of our clients. The issues addressed by the FIUS Family and Succession Law team, when necessary, are tied to best corporate, tax and governance practices.


Performance of the family and succession area is highlighted in:

  • Prenuptial agreements;
  • Common-law marriage deeds;
  • Dating contracts;
  • Divorce;
  • Recognition and dissolution of common-law marriage;
  • Guidance in disputes, divisions and sharing of assets;
  • Change in the property regime;
  • Succession and family planning;
  • Planning for the Protection of Family’s Equity;
  • Wills;
  • Inventories;
  • Adoptions, interdictions and guardianships;
  • Procedures aimed at bringing legal certainty to individual and family interests.