Contract Law

The Contract Law area of Finocchio & Ustra Sociedade de Advogados provides assistance to Brazilian and foreign companies through the preparation, review and negotiation of preliminary agreements, as well as in the various types of contracts, typical and atypical, provided for in Brazilian and international law.

Performance of the Contract Law area is highlighted in:

  • Analysis and Elaboration of typical and atypical contracts;
  • Contract Management Project;
  • Contractual Audits and Elaboration of Templates adapted to the needs of the client’s business;
  • Expertise in Commercial Agency and Distribution Contracts;
  • Industrialization by order;
  • Services rendering;
  • Franchise;
  • Supply;
  • Purchase and sale in various forms;
  • Donation, Exchange, Consignment, Deposit, Assignment, Intermediation and Brokerage;
  • Leasing of movable property, including vehicles, Commodatum, Instruments of Guarantee and Credit Securities;
  • Debt Confessions and Negotiations in General;
  • Negotiations in general.