Matheus consolidated his work in the areas of Civil Law, Civil Process, Contractual, Corporate, Real Estate and Arbitration; serving national and multinational companies in the segments of Agribusiness, Food, Autoparts, Banking, Civil Construction, Engineering, Packaging, Factoring, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries, Metals, Real Estate Development, Insurance Companies, Technology, Cellular Telephony, Transportation and Logistics, Complex Cargo Transportation, Veterinarian among others.

Civil Law and Civil Process – Team Management, responsible for the conduction of approximately 10,000 processes, in the Banking, Factoring, Insurance and Cellular Telephony segments.

Contractual and Real Estate Law – Negotiation, analysis, review and elaboration of national and international business contracts, such as contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, leasing (residential, non-residential, built to suit and movable assets), real estate development, chattel mortgage, deposit, lending, loan, debt confession, cost sharing, distribution, commercial representation, agency, assignment of copyright, know-how, work by contract, industrialization to order, transportation, confidentiality, supply, consignment supply, services rendering, among others.

Management of contracts in loco in medium and large companies, aiming at the calculation and evaluation of contingencies in contractual relations; presentation of strategic solutions for the mitigation of risks and experience of the daily routine of companies, assisting with problems resolution.

Performance of contractual due diligence of medium and large companies, focused on operational contracts and contracts signed with other stakeholders for risk assessment, constituted and concealed contingencies and improvement of internal procedures related to legal aspects.

In Secondment, organization and management of legal department of companies.

He has been working at FIUS since 2013.

Member of the Brazilian Bar Association – São Paulo Section since 2001.

  • 2016 – PUCSP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo) – Post-Degree in Contractual Law.
  • 2005 – FGV (Campinas) Specialization on Court Assisted Reorganization.
  • 2000 – UNIVERSIDADE SÃO FRANCISCO (Bragança Paulista) – Bachelor of Laws