Tax Planning

Finocchio & Ustra’s Tax Planning area elaborates and reviews customized tax planning and international taxation projects, with a multidisciplinary approach involving finance, accounting, and other areas of the office, ensuring comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our team develops business strategies that make tax planning an important financial tool in business management, attributing efficiency and tax savings to our clients, in addition to being an ally to compliance and corporate governance.

Among the main areas of activity, the following stand out:

  • Tax burden optimization projects;
  • Analysis and projects to reduce the tax burden in the supply chain;
  • Structuring foreign investments in Brazil (inbound) and Brazilian investments abroad (outbound);
  • M&A and tax planning involving capital gains and goodwill;
  • National and international corporate restructuring (merger, spin-off);
  • Advice on taxation on remittances and receipts from abroad;
  • Agribusiness tax planning;
  • Succession and estate planning;
  • Advice on international taxation.