Customs and International Trade Consultancy

Given the global scenario wherein the companies’ supply chain increasingly depends on foreign trade operations and demand high performance, agility, compliance and reduction of operating costs, our firm offers our clients counseling in tax and customs matters.

The services developed by our Customs and International Trade Consultancy team have the assumptions of (i) ensuring compliance and (ii) increasing the efficiency of our clients’ Foreign Trade operations, always in line with the best market practices.

Among the services provided by our Customs and International Trade Consultancy area, we can highlight:

  • Companies’ certification in the Program of the Authorized Economic Operator – OEA;
  • Implementation and/or Revision of Special Customs Regimes (Drawback, Recof, Special Deposit);
  • Implementation and/or Revision of the Reintegra;
  • Revision of Tax Classification and Description of Goods;
  • Special Projects: Tariff Reductions and Exceptions (E.g. Ex Tarifário), Assessment of Economic Complementation Agreements, Assessment of Import Scenarios;
  • Tax and Customs Structuring of Investment Projects in Brazil;
  • Mapping (As Is) and Design (To Be) of Internal Processes and Controls related to Foreign Trade operations in line with the concepts of Risk Management of ISO 31000.