Criminal Law

Finocchio & Ustra law firm has a team of Corporate Criminal Law that has been consolidated by excellence in its dynamic and contemporary performance related to the elaboration of its strategies in cases of high complexity and national repercussion.
The performance of the highly specialized team with solid experience, added by the full service structure provides the client with customized and comprehensive legal solutions.
The agility combined with personal servicing in emergency and fragile situations such as searches and seizures and prisons are also trademarks of the Corporate Criminal Law team that provide assurance and comfort to the client in these sensitive phases.
The firm assists clients in the advisory area with a focus on structuring and/or revising Anti-Corruption, Criminal Compliance, Money Laundering Prevention programs, as well as in the elaboration of Policies and Action Plan for Preventing Corporate Fraud.
In the litigation area, the firm operates in the clients’ defense in police investigations and criminal proceedings and also acts as an assistant prosecutor in order to protect the interests of the victim.
The work of the Corporate Criminal Law team is highlighted in:

  • Operations related to crimes against public administration, bid rigging crimes, money laundering, crimes against tax system, environmental crimes, crimes against labor organization, crimes against the national financial system, bankruptcy crimes, among others;
  • Emergency Search and Seizure Measures and Prisons;
  • Lodging and follow-up of police investigations aimed at verifying false testimony in labor claims;
  • Lodging and follow-up of police investigations to investigate offenses committed by stakeholders in order to subsidize severance for cause;
  • Consultations in fiscal and environmental inspection administrative procedures;
  • Responses to Official letters of police and judicial authorities in the criminal sphere in order to avoid the occurrence of a crime of disobedience (article 330 of the Brazilian Criminal Code).