Corporate Criminal

Finocchio & Ustra’s Corporate Criminal Law area defends companies, partners, and executives in investigations and criminal proceedings involving bidding crimes, crimes against the public administration, crimes against the national financial system, tax crimes, environmental crimes, money laundering, crimes against consumer relations, among others.

We advise clients on internal investigations for fraud detection, collecting probable cause to optimize the investigative procedure, as well as guarantee a remedy for the damage suffered.

In the advisory sphere, the team develops, implements, and reviews Anti-Corruption, Criminal Compliance, and Money Laundering Prevention programs, among others.

Our area is known for its excellence in dynamic performance and its strategies in complex cases and national repercussion. The team formed by specialized professionals with solid experience, combined with the full-service structure, provides successful and effective strategies in case management.

Our purpose is to welcome our clients and provide security and comfort at a sensitive time by rendering humane, agile, discreet, and transparent services.


Among the main areas of activity, the following stand out:

  • Monitoring Search and Seizures and Arrests;
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Pretrial Release
  • Interrogation
  • Defense of those investigated in investigative procedures and accused in criminal proceedings;
  • Negotiation of Deferred Prosecution Agreements (ANPP)
  • Representation of the victim in investigative proceedings, as well as in criminal proceedings;
  • Initiation and monitoring of police investigations of crimes committed by employees in order to support just cause dismissal;
  • Monitoring of fiscal and environmental inspection procedures for criminal risk management;
  • Criminal procedures, including search and seizure, in cases of counterfeit products;
  • Responses to Official Letters from police and judicial authorities in the criminal sphere in order to avoid the occurrence of a crime of disobedience (art. 330 of the Penal Code);
  • Criminal compliance in tax planning;
  • Development of Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Prevention Policies;
  • Assistance regarding anti-money laundering obligations.